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Adding Hope to Divorce

by | Mar 31, 2021 | blog |

Adding Hope to Divorce

This year has been a rough one.  We’ve all dealt with the stress of the pandemic differently and some have been forced to come to the realization that their marriage is ending.  This kind of a loss can be a devastating one; however, the good news is you have control of how you divorce.  Choosing an amicable way to separate – like a collaborative divorce – can be a beacon of hope.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a private and confidential process to assist people to resolve their disputes in a divorce with integrity, while protecting and preserving the family relationships for the future.  This is done without ever going to court.  The Collaborative Divorce model is a dispute resolution process where a divorcing couple works with a team of trained professionals to resolve the issues and the disputes while also respecting each other’s interests.  This is a solution-based model to end a relationship with dignity and respect.  It is resolved with the assistance and expertise of attorneys, mental health professionals, and a neutral financial expert.

In this process, couples find solutions while also considering what’s important to each of them and to their children.  Unlike a traditional litigation case, it allows the husband and the wife to keep control over the final result and not hand it over to a judge to decide for your family.  This short video below explains what the Collaborative Divorce process looks like in the State of California:

Choose to commit to a Collaborative Divorce process today.  Collaborative Divorce will help you move on to the new chapter of your life and a better tomorrow, which is the definition of hope.

How does Litigation Compare to Collaborative Divorce?

Compared to litigation, which can feel like purgatory, Collaborative Divorce empowers you and your partner by giving you each a voice and control over the outcome.

Litigation can be slow – even slower with the pandemic – and the Collaborative model frees you from the over-committed court calendar.

How do we move on?

There is no one size fits all Collaborative Model; each experience is tailored on the couples’ needs and goals.  Collaborative Divorce opens the door to hope as it allows for a resolution that will resonate with your family’s needs.  You’ll both be able to start a new chapter and move on to brighter tomorrows.