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Serving San Mateo County With A Robust Family Law Practice

The decisions we make regarding our families have lasting and significant meaning. You may find difficulty extricating yourself from emotions while trying to make the right decisions. If you find yourself at a difficult crossroads with respect to your marriage, your children and your future, the attorneys at Harris and Fraser can help.

Our Burlingame, California, family law attorneys have served clients facing difficult legal problems for more than 25 years. Our practice covers any and all family law matters you may encounter. Harris and Fraser lawyers provide our clients with a full suite of family law representation, including the major practice areas of:

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Our attorneys have substantial experience in alternative dispute resolution, including collaborative law, mediation and mediation consulting.

Collaborative law enables you and your spouse to shape the outcome of your divorce rather than leaving important decisions to a judge. In addition to our lawyers, you will work with finance and mental health professionals who are also trained in collaborative divorce, which often minimizes the expense, time and emotional toll associated with traditional litigation.

Healthy divorce mediation has the potential to save both parties thousands in legal fees and prevent further deterioration of the family’s relationship. Making progress toward a resolution while maintaining these fragile relationships becomes even more important when children are involved. You and your spouse will meet with an attorney from Harris and Fraser who will serve as a neutral third party. You and your spouse will then work through the issues you need to resolve so that you can end your marriage as amicably and cost-effectively as possible.

Mediation consulting: We also serve as mediation consultants for clients seeking to resolve their disputes through mediation. During mediation, you and your spouse will meet and work out differences with a neutral party. As your mediation consultant, we help you understand the law, your legal options and various strategies that will be to your advantage throughout the process.

Get Help From A Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never easy, but we can assist you with the process. For legal representation in divorce and other family law matters throughout the Bay Area, call our Burlingame location at 650-401-8080. You can also contact us online.