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Healthy Divorce Options Outside Of Court

At Harris and Fraser, our attorneys have substantial experience in alternative dispute resolution, including collaborative law, mediation and mediation consulting. Each of these options may save you money and time as they reduce the stress and conflict of divorce.

To schedule a time to meet with an attorney to discuss your alternative dispute resolution (ADR) needs, please call 650-401-8080.

Which Options Are Available To You?

  • Collaborative law enables you and your spouse to shape the outcome of your divorce rather than leaving important decisions to a judge. The collaborative law approach emphasizes honesty and communication, as well as a desire to do what is best for the family involved. The goal of this process is to eliminate the acrimony in family law proceedings and conclude matters to each party’s satisfaction as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to our lawyers, you will work with finance and mental health professionals also trained in this approach, which often minimizes the expense, time and emotional toll associated with traditional litigation. Learn more about the collaborative law approach.
  • Divorce mediation can potentially save both parties thousands of dollars in legal fees and prevent further deterioration of the family’s relationship; making progress toward a resolution while maintaining these fragile relationships becomes even more important when children are involved. In mediation, Harris and Fraser serves as the neutral third-party mediator guiding the sessions, while individuals may each be represented by a mediation consulting attorney.
  • Mediation consulting is a third option. When parties enter into mediation, we act as consultants for one of the spouses in the process, informing that party as to his or her legal rights, developing a strategy and evaluating whether a proposed agreement is truly in the party’s best interests. As your mediation consultant, we help you understand the law, your legal options and various strategies that will be to your advantage throughout the process.

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