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5 Questions To Ask If Your Marriage Is Failing

People often change after marriage. You and your spouse likely see each other every day, which may reveal things you didn’t know about your spouse before marriage.  Marriage doesn't last for everyone. There may be signs that your marriage is failing. Asking the right...

2 Ways Divorce Can Actually Improve Your Life

Many people are often under the assumption that their lives will be over after a divorce. Some people who have been married for decades may not know how to envision life without their spouse.  It can be troubling to have your entire world spun upside down – but you...

Smart Money Moves To Take Before Filing For Divorce

Divorce represents a huge transition in most people’s lives. While you may be ready to separate from your spouse, you should also plan for the financial aspect of this change.  Once you are divorced, you will be in a single-income household and in charge of all...