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5 Questions To Ask If Your Marriage Is Failing

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Divorce |

People often change after marriage. You and your spouse likely see each other every day, which may reveal things you didn’t know about your spouse before marriage. 

Marriage doesn’t last for everyone. There may be signs that your marriage is failing. Asking the right questions may help you see if it’s time for a change:

1. Are you arguing a lot?

One telltale sign of a failing marriage is an excessive amount of arguing. People often fight in marriages, but if there’s no resolution after a fight, then there may be problems.

2. Are you doing all the household chores?

Your spouse may have been a bit messy before marriage, but you may find yourself cleaning up after them and yourself. This could be putting extra stress on your life.

3. Have you felt close with your partner since marriage?

You may not do things with your spouse you once did after marriage. If you haven’t bonded with your spouse recently, then could there be trouble in your marriage?

4. Is your spouse eating through your income?

Do you provide for both you and your spouse? If your spouse isn’t putting in their effort to support the marriage, then it could be causing you strain on your finances. 

5. Are you thinking about what your life could be if you never married?

Some people fantasize about what life could be if they were never married. This may be a sign you might be unhappily married and searching for alternatives.

If you feel these questions resonate with you, then it may be time for a change of pace in your life. You may want to reach out for legal help who can provide you with options when discussing your marriage.